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Apprenticeship: Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

  • Job title:  Chief Laboratory Technician
  • Department: SLCU
  • Training provider: Corndel

Why did you choose to do an Apprenticeship?

Although I had supervised people during my post-doctoral work, I hadn’t been formally trained in management and wanted certification for my CV.

What was your experience of the apprenticeship and your training provider?

I found my apprenticeship to be immediately useful and applicable to my current role. Corndel and my tutor, Hannah Cook, were excellent; on the ball, punctual, clear, always at the end of an email.

What went well?

I managed to keep up-to-date or ahead in all my modules allowing me to complete the apprenticeship on time.

What have you learnt?

I have learned a significant amount about management and learning styles and how to build an effective team.

What next?

I am keeping an eye out for other courses which will enhance my CV. I would need to directly line manage more people to become a full CMI member, this may happen one day.

“A very useful apprenticeship with externally awarded certification. Highly recommended. It was a lot of work but ensuring I went to all the workshops and kept to time with modules was key to successful completion.”