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Know what apprenticeship you are undertaking

Make sure you have the full details of the apprenticeship, the level and duration, and what is involved.

Please be aware that there may be a number of emails to respond to and paperwork to complete at the start of your apprenticeship.  

Know when and where you have to attend sessions run by your training provider

You will have a sign up meeting with the training provider and your line manager, which will outline the learning plan, frequency of sessions, and format of meetings with your coach and line manager. This will all be recorded in a Commitment Statement which you, your line manager and the training provider will all sign, and will document everyone’s responsibilities.  

The training provider will also make clear what other learning falls into the category of ‘20% off the job’.  You will need to ensure that your supervisor in the department knows this too and how allowance is made for it in your working pattern.

Your training provider will provide support on how best to organise your learning and how to adapt to a new learning environment.

Make sure you have the equipment you need

Your department should provide you with any personal protective equipment, tools or equipment needed to complete the apprenticeship.



What to do if there are problems with the training provider?

e.g. missing resources, cancelled lectures, or absent tutors.

Let your supervisor know immediately on your next day back in work, so the matter can be resolved.  Please also contact the Apprenticeship Team.