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Recruitment to an apprenticeship is similar to the standard University recruitment process

The flowchart under the useful resources section of this website provides further guidance on the recruitment process.  You must ensure that you have sign off to fill your apprentice vacancy before starting the recruitment process.

The table below sets out the salary scale points that should be used for new apprentices, depending on the level of apprenticeship they are completing.

Salary scale points for new apprentices
Apprentice level Scale point New apprentice to undertake Level 2 or 3 apprenticeship New apprentice to undertake Level 4 apprenticeship or above


Point 23   Progression after year 2


Point 19 Progression after year 2 Progression after year 1


Point 15 Progression after year 1 Starting salary


Point 11 Starting salary  

There may be occasions where it is appropriate to offer a higher salary scale to those shown in the chart, for example in particularly competitive areas where vacancies are difficult to fill.  In such circumstances please contact the Apprenticeship Team to discuss and to ensure a consistent and fair approach

The advertising process for apprenticeships is different to standard procedures.  To advertise an apprenticeship:

  • set the apprenticeship up through an approved training provider (ATP), who will advertise the apprenticeship on the government apprenticeships website.  (‘Recruit an Apprentice’ is the official service for posting and managing apprenticeship vacancies in England).  The ATP will also supervise the apprentice’s learning, including their training and assessment.
  • advertise the vacancy on the University vacancies website and all other relevant routes.

Other routes:

  • AV Live (Apprenticeship Vacancies Live) - a government online tool that allows streaming of apprenticeship vacancies on your website.
  • local advertising routes.