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Departmental support




Within the department, you should have a supervisor who has general responsibility for your management, authorisation of leave and work allocation.  Some responsibility may be delegated to a particular staff member for a specific duty or project. 

If you are new to the University the Departmental Administrator will also have a role in induction, sign-off of probation, etc.


We recommend that you are allocated a mentor, to whom you can turn for informal advice or support. The details of mentoring schemes are determined within each department. If you are not provided with a mentor, we would encourage you to ask for one. A mentor could be a colleague, someone from another department or an existing apprentice.

The most important thing is to get expectations clear at the outset regarding:

  • the length of time over which you may meet
  • frequency of meetings
  • topics within scope

What to do if you experience problems?

We hope this won’t happen, but if, for any reason, the training or role is not working out in any respect, the vital thing is to talk to the department, your supervisor, mentor or the Apprenticeships Team as early as possible. Please don’t let matters build up: early action can often produce a resolution.

If there are matters you feel uncomfortable discussing in the department, the Apprenticeship Team is here to help.

There are a variety of other support channels, such as the HR Team and Occupational Health as well.

You may also wish to consider joining a professional association or a Trade Union: again, your department or the Apprenticeships Team can advise you.