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You will be employed by the University and learn by working alongside experienced colleagues as well as completing a relevant training programme to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Training may take place in the workplace or through day or block release, depending on your type of apprenticeship.  You will be required to complete 20% of your working hours on ‘off the job’ learning activities.  This may include:

  • personal study time         
  • watching videos                 
  • attending tutorials              
  • completing assignments     
  • involvement in project work     
  • shadowing a peer or mentor 
  • learning support with your coach
  • attending training sessions

Guide to 20% off the job learning

Mentoring and peer support

Throughout your apprenticeship, you will be supported by your line manager who will be responsible for helping you organise the work-based training that will allow you to meet the requirements of the apprenticeship role and to complete your portfolio.  We would encourage you to liaise with your line manager to find a mentor, an experienced member of staff who will guide you through the day-to-day training and provide support if you experience any difficulties during your apprenticeship.

You will also join a growing community of apprentices within the University and Colleges and peer to peer support will be available through support groups.