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Q. I haven’t received a contract

Your departmental administrator will be able to resolve this and to explain anything you do not understand.

Q. How does my salary increase?

If you have been appointed on the apprenticeship scale, then your salary will be reviewed annually.  Advancement depends on your progress both with your training provider and in the workplace against the targets agreed with your supervisor.

If you are in a graded post, then the normal salary progression policies apply.

Q. I haven’t got a mentor

Speak to your supervisor or email the Apprenticeship Team.

Q. My apprenticeship course is not working out

This covers a multitude of possible difficulties.  The important thing is to raise the issue with your training provider tutor, your supervisor, your mentor or departmental administrator as soon as possible.  Don't allow things to get worse by not talking.  Alternatively email the Apprenticeship Team who will be able to support you.

Q. I am on a fixed-term contract: what happens at the end of it?

The University will do everything it can to find you another suitable position, perhaps in another department.  Your departmental administrator or one of the HR team will talk to you about six months before your contract is due to finish and discuss the options with you.

Q. I don’t feel I am getting the right experiences or jobs in the department to finish my apprenticeship properly

This is the kind of issue which should be addressed at review meetings with your tutor and your supervisor.  You may want to talk to your tutor in advance of the meeting and explain the issues. You could also explore the possibility of a short-term secondment to another area or department to gain relevant experience.  Or email the Apprenticeship Team.

Q. I am not sure what is involved in ‘End Point Assessment’

The new apprenticeship standards all include an assessment at the end of the course.  The training provider and employer decide when you are ready.  The nature of the assessment varies according to the standard and may include tests or interviews.  An assessment plan is defined for each standard and your training provider should be able to explain more.

Q. Where can I find a copy of the standard and assessment plan for my apprenticeship?

All the approved documents for apprenticeship standards are available. 

Your copy of the Commitment Statement signed at the start of your apprenticeship should identify the relevant standard.