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There are over 650 approved apprenticeship standards


Expression of interest form (EOI)

  • An existing member of staff at the University can apply to undertake an apprenticeship whilst in their current role. 
  • You must be in a role that enables you to put the learning into practice.
  • To enrol on an apprenticeship you will be required to complete an expression of interest form (EOI)
  • The EOI informs the Apprenticeship Team of a signed agreement by yourself and your line manager, this includes support and understanding of what is required in the duration of the apprenticeship.  You will also confirm your contract of employment covers the duration of the apprenticeship programme.
  • The Apprenticeship Team can help to identify an apprenticeship and send you the appropriate EOI form.

Please refer to the Quick Guides for the Apprentice and Manager documents on our resources page for further information or email the Apprenticeship Team


Use of Personal Information

PPD uses your personal information to administer apprenticeships (including any financial arrangements surrounding them) in liaison with the relevant external provider of the programme.

We use your personal information in order to deliver contractual obligations to you as an applicant and/or participant in an apprenticeship programme.  On occasion, we may need to supplement the information you enter on an apprenticeship expression of interest form with other information, such as communications from yourself/your line manager or information held on central University systems (such as the HR system).  We will share your information as required with the relevant external provider of the programme, as well as with the relevant Government agency, in order to facilitate the funding of the apprenticeship.  We limit this information sharing to what is necessary and have measures in place to ensure that it takes place securely.

Information about how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation.